Connecting The Connected

Sept 11, 2014


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The lines between our physical and digital worlds are now becoming ever-more blurred and this is set to continue with the rapid proliferation of connected objects and devices. However… the Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a trend, it’s here today in tools you’re already using and it will drive trillions of pounds in economic value as it continues to permeate business and consumers lives. But what does this mean for brands? They need to start preparing themselves for these changes by working with new technologies and gearing up for a more connected world.

Join us at the Ogilvy Labs next Lab Day on the 11th September to take a deeper look at how brands can adapt to this new phase where technology is seamlessly embedded within the physical world.

Throughout the course of the day we will be looking across four key sectors:

* Work – Hearing from the experiences of those already using IoT within their business. What worked, what didn’t and what would they do differently?

* Play -  Technology has opened up new ways that we connect and play with the world around us, in this session we will discuss a selection of playable examples that can work for brands to have more fun with its consumer interactions.

* Health – Innovation in the healthcare sector has grown exponentially alongside the development of the internet. Hear from experts in their field and find out the results of the experiments conducted both at Ogilvy and elsewhere.

* Environments – The spaces we live, work and play in are becoming more connected and are enabling us to create more meaningful experiences with the environment you are in. In this session we will hear from a range of speakers who are either looking to connect to the environment we exist.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Our Speakers

Ben Barker

Ben Barker

Designer & Founder, Pan Studio
Kate Russell

Kate Russell

Tech Reporter, BBC Click Online & Author
Liri Andersson

Liri Andersson

Founder, This fluid world